Monday, March 20, 2017

Make it FUN for Free!

Good Evening All, 
Happy Spring! I am happy to have seen the calendar flip and look forward to warmer days and green grass. My littlest one is ready to get outside and get moving! I have been putting some lists together of fun activities for her that will get us outside, burning off the craziness of cold days in Maine. 
I always try to have a few rainy day ideas as well that I can pull from my hat when the day is soggy. 

There are so many things to do with your kids that do not cost a dime! 

Here are a few of my favorite outdoor ideas, 
Create an obstacle course with lawn furniture, tape, sporting good equipment. Do time trials. 
Use sidewalk chalk to make a hopscotch game.
Do a nature scavenger hunt. (One of Quinn's favorites!) 
Pack a picnic and head to the playground. 
Grab some mason jars, pick a warm evening and catch fireflies. 
Pick wildflowers and take them to a special someone. 
Take a bike ride. 
Set up a lemonade stand. 
Plant a garden.
Play in a sprinkler. 
Make paper airplanes and have a flying contest. 
Set up an outdoor movie. 
Make mud pies. 
Visit a farm. (you are always welcome at our barn!)
Go letterboxing or geocaching. 
Take a hike. 
Search for birds, keep a journal. 
Wash the car. (fun for them and a task checked off for you!)
Go beachcombing and if it is warm, go for a swim. 
Let them take pictures around town, print out and save for a rainy day activity. 
Visit a farmers market. 
Visit a lighthouse. 
Plan a family cookout and make the menu include something from every color of the rainbow.
Search for free admission to state or national parks. 
Find a waterfall. 

When it rains?? problem!
Make playdough. 
Set up the bathroom like a beach and go "swimming" (suits and all) 
Have a picnic on the living room floor. 
Visit your local library for storytime. 
Go to a Kids Home Depot workshop (Saturday mornings) 
Make homemade popsicles for the next hot day. 
Scrapbook "our town" pictures. 
Have a teddy bear tea party. 
Play hide and seek with an object. 
Mommy & Me Makeovers.
Build a blanket fort. 
Bake cookies and deliver to a nursing home or homeless shelter. 
Volunteer at a animal shelter. 
Let the kids pick and make dinner. 
Make shadow puppets. 
Pajama day, complete with a pillow fight, popcorn and movies. 
Make a time capsule to bury outside on your land. 
Visit a pet store (we call this the free Zoo, lol!) 

These are just a springboard for ideas. You can also write these down on craft sticks and 
create a "What will we do today" jar, color code them (yellow for sunny days, blue for rainy) 
and let the kids grab one in the morning. (this will be my plan this year) 

Most of all, enjoy! The days slip by faster than you think. 

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