Saturday, February 18, 2017

Weeding in the winter!

With 3' of snow on the ground I still think about spring cleaning. I am anxiously awaiting those sunny days and open windows. I knew I wanted to de-clutter the house before I started on the deep cleaning and so I am offering up a few tips to simplify and down size while I weed out.
Before I started my recent spending freeze, I worked on the pantry, cupboards, fridge and freezer. I won't repost those pictures but when you go thru those areas you are looking to throw away all expired items, grouping like items together and taking an inventory of what you have on hand.
I then moved on to clothing. In a recent post on the Facebook page you will see the amount of clothes that I was able to purge...and there will be more to come. If you are like most people you have a hard time deciding what should go and what should stay. Here is a great flow chart to help with that. I think in our region we just need to remember that we sometimes can keep things we might not wear next week, but maybe next month as the weather changes so quickly and casual and work clothes don't necessarily get worn every week, but a great guideline non the less.

 I ended up with a VERY full trash bag that went in the trash, a large bag to donate and a few items that I will sell or pass on to friends.
When selling items, I use the Facebook group route and meet up with people here and there. I make sure things are clean and free of most wrinkles. I take a picture in the best light I can find and post the for a reasonable price. I like my items to move, if they don't sell within 3-4 weeks they get donated. After all the whole point of this is to get things OUT of the house and not hanging around.
I did a yard sale last summer and was very successful with getting rid of so many unused household items and outgrown clothes, but time does not allow me to do that often. If you are planning to do this, I suggest you get a few empty totes and as you de-clutter you place items in the totes, grouped by like items. I will post a few tips for yard sales later this Spring.

On the list today was my master bathroom and the 2nd bathroom upstairs. I was so happy to get rid of an ENTIRE trash bag full of unused or expired products. I consolidated cleaning supplies and did a quick clean up too. I organized all of the surplus of soaps, shampoos, beauty products and found a few to donate to a worthy cause. I sorted thru every item and found it's proper place. Again, I like like items together so the top shelf of the closet is all extra products that we use. The middle shelf is all current daily items. Third shelf is bath towels/washcloths. The 4th shelf has a basket of all first aid...and on the floor are the cleaning products for the upstairs in a basket.
In the vanity I sorted all travel items and they are in the cosmetic bags for easy packing. Extra small bags are there for short/overnight trips. I used to subscribe to Ipsy and I collected a lot of small bags over time. They are great for organizing.
I took a cute little divided basket from TJ Maxx and sorted all of my makeup. Eye, lips, face. One small basket for brushes and then a few extra moisturizers and cleaners. I have a small basket on the sink of things I use more often. feels so good!

How many trash bags can you fill? Next on my list is our downstairs closets. Games and outerwear galore. Happy weeding!

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