Saturday, February 11, 2017

Preparing to freeze!

Happy Saturday Morning to you all!
It is a beautiful snowy morning here and before I get the littlest one ready for some Winter Carnival fun, I wanted to show you how I get prepare to freeze...the spending freeze that is.
I like to make lists, always have....I like paper and pen and a cute notebook but if you are techy and prefer to use your device then do that. When life is chaotic (and that is most weeks) I tend to forget what I have on hand. I like to have a list so when I am meal planning I can look back and say, "oh yes, I have this or that"....I don't get too picky on how much of each ingredient I have because I will double check that before I grocery shop. This also allows me to use up what I have when on a freeze.
For instance, I discovered I had some homemade spaghetti sauce in the freezer, I also had ground beef, bread crumbs, eggs and pasta in my stock. Meatballs are just finishing baking. So all I need for dinner tonight is a spaghetti squash for my "pasta"and I will add in peppers and onions for me and my family dinner will be complete. I am doing the Shred right now thru Juice Plus so my options are different but easy to adapt.
Going thru my household inventory (I still need to get the fridge list done, but you get the idea) I could see that we will need trash bags (we have to have those) and we will need some basics, but I can now choose a small budget for a trip to the store for fresh ingredients while using up what we have.
We are fortunate to have a 1/4 of a cow and some pork in our freezer. I will need to purchase a whole chicken and grab some ground turkey that I will stretch because I personally do not eat a lot of red meat.

I will now make some meal plans tonight and do a little grocery shopping on Tuesday while Quinn is at preschool and then we will be ready for 10 days of freezing. I plan to do this 2/15-2/25. I will post my meal plans and grocery list, budget and receipt so you can see how I did.
There will be no eating out. Unless it is all covered under coupons and gift cards. That is toughest on me because I am the one who prepares all meals. But I can do this! You can too. Okay off to bundle up so we don't actually freeze out there today! ♥

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