Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Are you in need of a few extra dollars? Do you have big plans for the Spring and Summer, like we do, and need to curb some spending to help with the costs? Or do you just want to simplify and cut back to feel at peace? (Me! Me! Me! raising my hand and jumping up and down)
Join me while I work with a limited budget and freeze all extra spending for the month of March!

During this time I am planning daily de-cluttering projects, no cost fitness goals and at home cooking that you can follow along with. I am going over my calendar today and setting my goals for the month.

Here are my intentions for March:
A date night using a gift certificate we have had for too long. Planning a fun book and soup swap among friends. (follow my facebook posts for more info) Putting in some elbow grease, cleaning out and deep cleaning the house.  Working on updating my decor with what I have on hand and hopefully by the end of the month starting on a spring clean up outside. I want to get on track with my exercise and continue my clean eating. All of these things will be easy to follow along with if you choose to and I hope you find inspiration in the positive quotes and daily posts.

Now let's plan it out....
If you followed along earlier this month, when I did my mini freeze, you saw that I de-cluttered and took inventory of the household cleaners and supplies I had on hand. If you have not done this, that is a good goal. You also want to inventory your cupboards, freezer and fridge. See this post for more information - http://downhomeonadime.blogspot.com/2017/02/preparing-to-freeze.html

Now, take a look at your finances. Make sure you have every bill and financial obligation written down. Do you have gifts to buy this month? Medical appointments you need to pay for? Anything that you know will be an expense for the month needs to be written down and accounted for. Now, what is your typical grocery expense? Choose a reduced budget, I am dropping mine by 30-40%. Now, the goal is to not spend beyond this. No extras for the house, no new clothes, no eating out and no spending beyond your current income and budget.

There are so many great things to work on when you are on a freeze! You won't be out shopping so what better time to evaluate some things.
I am going to spring clean! Here is a basic list of what I will be working on:

                               spring cleaning list:

Use up those cleaning products and if you want some help with natural, low costs products....check my post on making your own: http://downhomeonadime.blogspot.com/2012/03/mix-away.html
I scrub with Murphy's oil soap, I LOVE my homemade glass cleaner and I use Thieves cleaner as a disinfectant...ahh, I can smell it already. These ones below are great too! I use the dusting spray with my lemon essential oils.

                                                         . Want to make your own cleaning products out of stuff you already have at home? This list is fabulous and easy to follow! #green #cleaning #recipe #howto #makeit #heandsheeatclean:

Do you need a checklist of things to de-clutter? I never have struggled in this department. It may get away from me but when I do get a chance to tackle it I am pretty ruthless. But this is a handy checklist of areas of the house and the items that can use some attention. This will probably spark other ideas and thoughts of parts of your own house that could use a good cleaning out!

              Nothing is more relaxing that coming home to a calm de-cluttered house. If you are one of the many people who have difficulty deciding whether to throw something out, use this hand de-cluttering list to organize your home. Live your healthy lifestyle with BodyRock:

Last but never least.....your health. Winter is coming to an end. Have you put on a little seasonal weight? Maybe you have not been drinking your water and hydrating your dry, winter skin. Do you need a little boost? I am always happy to share about Juice Plus and Shred10, the health benefits and the wonderful support to your body while you detoxify. I also will be following the charts below and working on strength and toning. I would LOVE a buddy or 10. Summer weather will be here before we know it and I know I want to look and feel my best.
My goal is to get 30 minutes of walking or indoor cycling 6 days a week. That is attainable for me. If you are just starting out shoot for 10 min a day, make it a challenge but don't set yourself up to fail. The weather is unpredictable in March so if you cannot get out for your exercise, do it inside. For the entire winter in 2015 I walked inside, in place as I watched a 30 min show. I jogged or picked up my pace during commercials and I kept a steady, reasonable pace the rest of the time. The strength exercises below are free. Just you and your body weight as resistance. I am by no means a professional and you should always consult your Dr. before trying new things if you are unsure of your body's capabilities. I will be pushing myself to see if I can complete all of the days below.

                  we-challenge-you4.jpg (8141008) I love these. I just got done with the plank challenge http://www.naturalenhancementblog.com:

My reward? NEW SNEAKERS in April and I will use my gift certificates I have for a massage, manicure and pedicure. Set a goal and think of a reward. Maybe a new sunshiney outfit or a new hair cut just in time for Spring?

Okay....this is a lot to take in. I will blog each week and update the facebook page a few times a week! I am so excited! Are you ready for a little March Madness? This is my favorite kind! ♥

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