Monday, October 2, 2017

My favorite FREE Doctors!

Happy Fall Y'all! It has finally started to feel like fall here on the coast of Maine. Chilly nights, bright, breezy days and the colors are beginning to change from lush green to vibrant orange and red. A time of new chapters and change.

Fall is my New Year. With holidays abound it seems like a great time to be more conscious of chaos, stress and health. Instead of letting yourself go, maybe you can try to get thru the holidays with a feeling of peace and purpose. I would like to introduce you to my six favorite doctors and the ways that you can benefit from them for free! Are you ready?

#1: Dr. Sunshine- Maybe you think summer is the only time you can get out and enjoy the outdoors? Fall is an incredible chance to still soak up all of the benefits of sunshine without the heat. It does not cost a thing to take a few minutes, position yourself towards the sun and just take deep breaths in and out, letting all of the goodness to pour into your soul. Don't forget the sunscreen all year round!

#2: Dr. Water- How many of you drink enough water? This does not include your coffee or tea. I know not everyone has access to water that tastes amazing and is free of pollution but for a small price you can buy a filter for your faucet, a pitcher that will reduce the impurities or you can spend a small amount on spring water and refill a bottle or glass all day long. Much of the time when you feel hungry, have a headache or are sleepy you are actually dehydrated. Try this going forward this fall....before you head off to a holiday gathering or a sports party, drink 20oz of water before you start eating. You will hydrate your body and start to fill your stomach before you indulge. If you must have alcohol, try alternating one drink with 2 glasses of water. I personally like to get my water intake done before I finish dinner. I break it up during the day, I typically drink 80 oz a day and the health benefits from staying hydrated has been remarkable. Coming into the winter months it will be incredibly helpful for your dry skin as well.

#3: Dr. Rest- How many hours of deep sleep are you getting? I am here to tell you that for the past year and a half, I have slept amazingly well. I have adopted several techniques to help me and they include...a dark, clean and peaceful room, essential oils, not eating within 3 hours of bedtime, chamomile tea,  exercise throughout the day and organizing my days and thoughts. Routine is so incredibly important when it comes to sleep. You have heard that children thrive on routine, right? Well I think we all do. I am not saying I can't be spontaneous but will I rest well? Probably not. I I am at my best when I sleep at least 7 hours a night. Getting enough rest has an impact on weight loss, anxiety and disease. It's free. Do yourself a favor and invest the time to be kind to yourself and let your mind and body rest. If you need to release emotions or stress, consider yoga or meditation to help you work past the triggers of the day. You will never regret becoming one with yourself. Zzzzzzzz!

#4: Dr. Air- Similar to Dr. Sunshine, fresh air is incredible for the soul but you can repair so many negative thoughts in your head simply by learning to breath. Did you know that most people do not properly breath? You would think that when you are born and you start breathing that you are all set, but the craziness of our lives produces shallow breaths and we rarely take the time to take deep breaths. I personally found deep breathing to be my solution for my ramped up anxiety. Your parasympathetic nervous system, the flight or flight part of your body can be easily soothed if you practice some yoga breathing. Try "even breathing"...quietly sit or lay down and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and count how long it takes to get to the top of that breath. Now breathe out matching the length of time it took to breathe in. If it takes 5 seconds to breathe in, exhale for 5 seconds. Try slowing each inhale and exhale down. Do this exercise for 10-15 cycles. Open your eyes and see how different you view a situation.

#5: Dr. Exercise- Ah....this one. This doctor probably hears about as many excuses as Dr. Diet about how there is never enough time or money to include exercise and feel better. WRONG! I was not an athlete, nor will I ever be...however, I can get moving at any point in the day. Walking is an amazing way to tone your body, improve your mental health and get your blood flowing. This time of year you don't have to battle the heat, you can wear layers on the cooler days, lace up your favorite sneakers and get out there. Do what you can with what you have! Can you walk to the mailbox and back, three times a day? Can you meet up with a friend and walk 30 minutes on a lunch break? Can you walk around your neighborhood 15 minutes, two times a day? Can you walk in place while you watch your favorite show on television? Yes, all of the answers to these questions are yes! Once you are accustomed to a schedule that allows you to get some exercise in, ramp it up. Walk while curling water bottles or cans with your arms or do a few squats before you start and stop halfway to do more and then finish your walk with a few more. Get moving!

#6: Dr. Diet- This one is my favorite. Now, when speaking of free for this Doctor you have to think priorities. We all spend money on food. Some spend WAY too much money on eating out, junk food, convenience and in turn your wallet hurts and you are feeding disease. You do have something that costs nothing but is invaluable and that is TIME! This is when the excuses roll in..."I don't have time to meal prep", "I don't have time to search for sales or plan meals" do! What do you do in a day that you cannot take 15-30 minutes and look ahead at your calendar, see what you have on hand for food and plan out a few meals? Anything is better than nothing, right? Do you sit at your kids games or practices? Do you binge watch Netflix? Do you take a lunch break at work? Can you wake up 15 minutes earlier a day? There are many foods that prep so easily and can be made up in an hour or less. My favorites are roasted meats & veggies, egg bakes and fruits, with these things and some greens you have breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4 days.  But the key is to stop fooling yourself into thinking you can't do it. Eating clean can be inexpensive. Planning and prepping and wasting less food is important and your diminishing waistline, clear mind and nourished bodies are a biproduct. Spending time now on getting healthier instead of having to take time to be sick is a no brainer!

That's it! These 6 doctors are helping me live a life that is full of energy and positive vibes. There are so many things that feed disease....aside from dietary components we all know that stress and chaos are not our friend. Repairing or ending relationships, changing careers or fixing your finances are big areas that need your love and attention. Consider keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings about these major stressors in your life. When it comes to the little things like keeping a clean house, paying bills, shuttling kids...touch these things every day. Planning out your day and week may seem obsessive but when I helping others try to find some peace in their life, almost every single person is in dire need of direction and in order to find that you need to have goals and prioritize. Too many use the excuses of time as a end all be all. Visit the 6 free Doctors above and cut out the bad guys...START TODAY! Get yourself on the right track now and you will sail thru the holidays with your sanity and waistline in tact!

You are worth it!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Continuing a Cleaner YOU!

Good Morning Everyone,
It's a beautiful summer day on the Coast of Maine. The perfect day to think about feeling your best. Our summer weather season is short here and I don't know about you, but I want to feel my best as I enjoy the sunshine. I have raved about Juice Plus in the past and I am always thankful for this catapult into a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. Every month or so I work on new ideas to continue making small changes that improve our bodies. After all, you only get one, right?
The large family of health practitioners and athletes that are experts in their fields have developed a program intended to jump start your journey into health living, it is called Shred10. It has some amazing clean guidelines that you follow for 10 days. Almost everyone continues this frame for better choices well past the program closure, as they have learned many things about their bodies.

When clean eating and making a choice to put our health at the top of my priority list, I do a lot of recipe testing, prep work and research on ways to eat clean in a simple way so that we can continue our lifestyle that includes full days and many road trips. 

Some of the ways to prep yourself for success are pretty easy. Cleaning, cutting and portioning out your fruits and veggies make it easy for you to grab and go. Small reusable containers or plastic bags full of healthy snacks make it an easy choice to grab a bag of grapes rather than a bag of chips. When you return home from the grocery store, take an hour or so to clean and prep your produce, boil some eggs, bake off some chicken and get yourself ready for a DELICIOUS week of self love.

Our breakfast plans are usually make ahead crust less quiche, smoothies and our favorite Complete protein shakes. 
Snacks will include veggies & hummus, apples & peanut butter, nuts and unsweetened dried fruit, berries or a hard boiled egg. 
Lunches are typically a delicious protein shake, a combination of the protein I prepped along side the veggies and fruits that are ready, or a salad with everything on hand. 
Dinner is usually made fresh every night, but if we have a night where we are on the go, we can fall back on any of the items that are prepped. Keeping it light and clean we use lean proteins: fish, pork, chicken and turkey. Side dishes are typically roasted or steamed vegetables, salads or quinoa that I make a big batch of while prepping. 
Sweet treats? How about this "ice cream"- blend together, 2 frozen bananas, a handful of frozen cherries, a tablespoon of nut butter, 1/4 C of almond milk and a scoop of chocolate Complete. YUMMM!

Whether we are strictly following a Shred guideline or not, prep is part of my routine. We waste less and make better choices, it's a win, win! 

Below I am sharing some easy meals that can be made ahead and enjoyed for a few days:

If you are entertaining this summer and want to steer away from your typical heavy foods, try these: (I am here to tell you that cashew cream makes a VERY tasty substitute for cheese)

I hope this helps get some new ideas for a summer of clean eating and a clean you! 
Remember to use up all of your ingredients in creative ways and save some dimes. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Hello or Good-bye?

Hello Everyone!
I am very excited to share my thoughts with you on the meal subscription company, Hello Fresh. 
I have pondered this type of convenience for quite some time. They have become all the rage with foodies and busy people all over the world. The curiosity was killing me, so after seeing some friends posting drool worthy photos on Facebook, I figured, why not? I was sold when my dear cousin sent me a coupon code for a free box. So, I started doing some research. You can choose from a Classic Plan, Family Plan or Veggie Plan. Their Classic Plan is designed to be foods with a wide variety of flavors, using seafood, meats, grains and produce. The Family Plan was created with a whole family in mind, less spices, but full of nutrition and also containing recipes with meat, seafood, grains and produce. The Veggie Plan, which is what I chose, is seasonal produce and vegetarian proteins. 
I decided that since my husband is a little less adventurous when it comes to food, that I would choose something that I could share with the kids but not waste the food. 

So here is the breakdown that I am going to give you my opinion on: cost, taste, waste, convenience and level of difficulty. 

First, let's talk cost. Hello Fresh charges $9.99 per meal with Free Shipping. I chose The Veggie Plan that would serve two people per meal and that plan includes 3 meals. So, 6 meals for $59.94. Now, in my opinion this is slightly high. I can feed my family for less than $9.99 a meal, way less. So, with the coupon code, I was definitely going to give it a whirl, but may have hesitated a little more without it. You can choose a 4 person plan, and of course that means you will may double. The serving sizes, from what I could tell from my box and are very, no leftovers to make it stretch. BUT you'll see later that there are leftover ingredients some times. 

Let's move to convenience and talk about how the subscription works. You sign up, using your email. (or Facebook account but be careful here, they get your public profile when you do that) You then have a Hello Fresh account. You can also download their app to your smart phone making it even easier to schedule or skip your next shipment. The plan itself is to send you a new box every week. However, it is very easy to skip the next week, and actually you can look ahead and skip the next few if you feel the need. When you are flipping thru the weeks, you will be able to see what recipes would be in that box. That is very good for people who maybe have dietary restrictions or aversions to different cuisines. 
The box came with a BIG frozen ice pack. The ingredients were fresh and looked pretty good, aside from one carrot that seemed a little soft. Each meal has it's own separated ingredients, so it was a pretty good size box and there were lots of little packets. You will want one crisper drawer or a little container in your fridge to organize those until you are ready, at least I did. But aside from your basics, (oil, salt, pepper, butter) everything is included. 

Are you thinking, "what if I am not a great cook?".....this is the easiest thing I have followed. When I cook dinner, I rarely follow recipes. But these are all new flavors and meals. I think even if you are a beginner you will have no problem. Each meal comes with a large recipe card. It lists all of the ingredients, shows pictures of the prep work and what your final product should look like. That is always nice when trying new things, no matter how experienced you are. I think all of mine were done in 30 minutes, too. BONUS!
Each packet is labeled. I gathered the things that I needed for each recipe and laid it out all on the counter when I began to prepare. The little packets are cute. If it calls for a small amount of mayo, you get a teeny, tiny jar of mayo. Most items are pre measured but some things you will have extra of. So....on to Taste and Waste! 

In choosing the veggie plan, I had three recipes. Garden Quesadillas, Crunchy Veggie and Lentil Salad, Mediterranean Tomato and Asparagus Bake. Every one of them was delicious. My planning for my first meal kit was not the best, as I was doing the Shred10 program, but I adapted. I also only had my little girl to share these with, as my son had busy nights and was away when I cooked two of the meals on Sunday. So I have them plated for my lunch and dinner for the next two days. 
The flavors are outstanding. Fresh herbs and produce. A very light menu, making it great to carry on my healthier lifestyle choice. I think the taste is a WIN! Definitely flavors I may not have used on my own. 
The neatest thing about this is the small amount of waste. Almost every thing comes to you in the size you need it. Remember, I mentioned the tiny mayo? They did send me a small bottle of Tobasco sauce, a Cinco de Mayo gift. I had fresh herbs left so I plan to use those this week on chicken and fish. I also rarely eat dairy and so I have some feta left. I will use that in a recipe soon that I can share with the family. A couple of things I already had on hand as well, but the convenience of having the close measurements that the recipe calls for, is very brilliant. 

I did not take pictures of every meal as I got busy and forgot but I was sure to document one, the Mediterranean Tomato and Asparagus Bake. I made the quesadillas for a home party I had on Friday night and those were a hit. The salad was amazing as well and I set that aside for lunches, just waiting on dressing the greens until I was ready to eat it. Those plates are salad size. So that can give you an idea of serving size. verdict. It's worth a shot! If you are a single person with a busy lifestyle, and you are adventurous in the kitchen....DO IT! You would get 6 meals from it and you can easily make a plate and have the leftovers the next day, on most items. If you are a large family on a budget, maybe signing up and trying it is great, but I would say you can make your money stretch a little further by meal planning and prepping. If you are a couple who loves to try new foods, it is definitely less expensive than going to a restaurant three times a week. I must say, this would make a great gift too. You can give gift cards from Hello Fresh and that might just be a relief for a busy family, housewarming gift or a new mom. 
I am going to keep my account for a while. They have improved their website and app, and you can now cancel with ease. I will stick it out, as long as I can remember to keep up with remembering to skip weeks when I am not in need. I really don't want to be charged if I already planned my week and have my groceries purchased. BUT I am sure it is going to come in handy over the busy summer! If I get a chance to review other companies I will update you all!

I hope this has helped you! As always, have a beautiful day and I hope you are saving some dimes! 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Plan and Prep!

Good Morning All,
It's a rainy Wednesday morning here on the coast of Maine and being the last week of April would we really expect any less? April showers bring May flowers! In our neck of the woods we are just happy it isn't snow.
I wanted to take some time to go over meal planning. In my facebook group, I am tackling Meal Plan May. I will go over easy, quick dinner ideas to keep you on a healthy, budget conscious path. So I wanted to blog about the many ways you can be successful in your efforts.
When I sit down to make a meal plan, sometimes for the entire month but mostly two weeks at a time, I have one important thing in front of me. My calendar. If you don't have a planner of any sort, at least jot down your committments so you know when you have busy mealtimes. For moms, make sure you are writing in all practices, games, meetings, fitness classes, etc.

Then, take a look at what you currently have on hand. We have a freezer with meats we bought locally, so those will be on my meal plan for May to try and save some money. I will add in grocery store meats as needed. Always check your pantry staples as well. If you don't you will inevitably end up with 8 boxes of pasta, and nothing to make a sauce. Been there done that.

Once you have an idea of what you have, check the sale flyers for good deals and coupons. (this is more of a meal planning refresher but back in the beginning of my blogging days are posts on strict budgets and ways to stretch your groceries, go check it out)
Is chicken on sale? Is haddock on sale? Well then it's time to get planning.
If you feel like you lack creativity in the cooking department, try sites like or Pinterest. What is great about those is you can enter in almost any ingredient and get dozens of ways to use it. So when you are trying to stay on a budget, use everything you have on hand.
Also, sheet pan dinners are easy, affordable and can easily adjust to the number in your family.
You can add so much variety to something as simple as chicken breasts and veggies.
Write down all of your meal ideas and the ingredients you will need. If you are like me, that list will be according to the layout of the grocery store. (I know, I know)

After you have a list of meal ideas. Plan a trip to the grocery store, pick a budget and stick to it.
If you are a compulsive buyer, take cash. You can only spend what you budgeted for that way. No room for the items you don't need right now. Grab your ingredients, trying to keep fresh and less processed foods in mind.

When you arrive home, take the time to prep! That really is the key to success both on your waistline and your wallet. If you have foods that are ready to cook or better yet, all cooked and ready for you and your family to eat. You will resist the phone call for take out.
I usually prep my veggies on Sunday afternoons or evenings. Little containers for snacking, meal kits and sometimes get the meats for the next day marinading. I will cook off chicken for salads and boil eggs...whatever I can do to set us up for a good week of healthy eating and have less chaos for me at dinnertime is important.

Fail to plan and plan to fail. This is in my head all of the time and I do believe it is a step to success.
Now, go make a list and save some dimes!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Detailing your ride!

Okay so how many of you spring clean your car? I once heard that the inside of your car can tell a lot about a person and how organized the rest of their life is. Part of this rings true to me, however, I could probably squander up a few excuses as to why mine is dirtier than I like. I also will not lie, we do hire out a deep clean on our vehicles a couple of times a year. With two dogs that travel everywhere with us, a professional detailing is much needed occasionally.
How many of us these days are in our cars for a good portion of one week? Eat meals in the car?
Get out your old toothbrush is a great detailing tool!

This is a great article to read about some cleaning hacks....what is a hack? Tips and tricks to use items intended for one use in another way.
While I have not heard of anyone using 1, 10 or 14....I highly recommend #9 for an all natural air freshener.

Washing the car can be a fun chore to do with the kids too! Pick a warm day, grab a bucket, soap and a few sponges or rags and make it sparkle!
This is a great mixture for cleaning fabric, it works great on car seats and booster seats too. Hydrogen peroxide is a great stain remover as well for floor mats and carpeting.

A small squeegee helps remove pet hair from seats and carpet, too. Vacuum everything the best you can before you start scrubbing.

When you deep clean your car, it is my recommendation to take everything out. Everything? Yes, everything! You want to clean all of the surfaces without the clutter in the way and it also gives you a chance to sort and reorganize the items that must stay in the car.

Did you know your car registration and insurance cards are supposed to be with your vehicle and not in your wallet? Do your wheels take a special lug nut key? These items should always be available. Your glove box is the proper place. Keep your vehicle manual too. You never know when you will be traveling and that "strange" light comes on. It's helpful to be able to pass on information if you are in need.

Do your kids watch movies in the car? Get a soft sided CD holder and ditch the movie cases and store them in a more compact way. If you need to keep the cases because you want to resell, store them in a box in your basement.

A first aid kit is a great idea....or at least some band-aids and a cleaner. Baby wipes are a great thing to store in your car even if you are way beyond the diaper changing stage. They can clean up sticky hands, boo boos, spills and are a great cleaning tool when doing a quick detail of your vehicle.

Do you work from your car? Make a small file folder mobile office and keep everything neat and tidy. A small zippered pouch can hold stamps, extra pens and necessities.

Do your kids need to eat on the road? Purchase a small bin at a dollar store to hold their food and keep it from sliding all over your car.

If everything has it's own compartment it is easy to toss those into a tote in your trunk, or a large console, when you need the space for extra passengers or pets. Don't have a tote? A small laundry basket is a great tool. It can also hold your groceries in your trunk so they don't slide around. Don't forget your reusable shopping bags too. Store them right in your trunk after you empty your groceries so you have them every shopping trip.

Now that we are back on the road my list of musts include......
*A case of water, yes it may get warm in the car in the summertime but my dogs won't mind and I almost always have a cooler in tow that I can get a drink cool for a little or big passenger.
*Snacks! We have a preschooler and a teenager, need I say more?
*Dog bones, water bowl and leashes (for my furry travelers)
*Baby Wipes and tissues
*DVD's for long rides
*Books, Toys and Crafts in a small tote for the ride. I can take this right into a restaurant too, if the need arises,
*First Aid Kit
*Mobile office pouch
*Tote for all essentials
*Trash tote - A great trash tote is a dry food storage container. You can add a small trash bag (fold a few extras up and put them in the bottom. All ready for when you empty) Or put a command strip hook somewhere in your car and re-use plastic shopping bags. Tie and toss when they get full.

It's time to get scrubbing! Hey, you might even find some dimes. Gather up that loose change and treat yourself for your efforts. A cup of coffee, ice cream? Or just go for a drive after, a clean car feels soooo good!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fresh Flush!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I finally got to dig back into the spring cleaning schedule after many unexpected tasks had cropped up. Today I was able to spring clean the 1/2 bath on the first floor and I wanted to share some tips on cleaning toilets! I don't know of anyone that enjoys cleaning a toilet and I know we all clean our toilets often, but to spring clean them means a little more in depth scrub.

Today, while I scrubbed the walls and floors, I added 1C of baking soda to the bowl and then poured in all purpose vinegar. This mixture bubbles so be careful to add the vinegar slowly. I let this sit in the toilet for about 45 minutes, an hour is better. This will deodorize, remove stains and make the ceramic sparkle.

I am hoping to make some toilet bombs soon using essential oils, you could use these to get powerful foaming action before you do your routine scrubbing.
Here is a recipe:

To get in to the cracks and crevices, I sprayed them down with vinegar, letting it sit for a few minutes. Using the sharp tip of my cleaning brush (a flat head screwdriver works too) with a paper towel (or cloth you can bleach) folded over the end, I ran the tool along the area collecting a lot of grime I could not even see. Where the tank meets the toilet, up under the toilet rim and the ridge where the toilet meets the floor are good spots for this. If you have stubborn stains, try a pumice stone.

I'll have shower/tub tips as soon as I move on to the upstairs.

Happy Cleaning!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Make it FUN for Free!

Good Evening All, 
Happy Spring! I am happy to have seen the calendar flip and look forward to warmer days and green grass. My littlest one is ready to get outside and get moving! I have been putting some lists together of fun activities for her that will get us outside, burning off the craziness of cold days in Maine. 
I always try to have a few rainy day ideas as well that I can pull from my hat when the day is soggy. 

There are so many things to do with your kids that do not cost a dime! 

Here are a few of my favorite outdoor ideas, 
Create an obstacle course with lawn furniture, tape, sporting good equipment. Do time trials. 
Use sidewalk chalk to make a hopscotch game.
Do a nature scavenger hunt. (One of Quinn's favorites!) 
Pack a picnic and head to the playground. 
Grab some mason jars, pick a warm evening and catch fireflies. 
Pick wildflowers and take them to a special someone. 
Take a bike ride. 
Set up a lemonade stand. 
Plant a garden.
Play in a sprinkler. 
Make paper airplanes and have a flying contest. 
Set up an outdoor movie. 
Make mud pies. 
Visit a farm. (you are always welcome at our barn!)
Go letterboxing or geocaching. 
Take a hike. 
Search for birds, keep a journal. 
Wash the car. (fun for them and a task checked off for you!)
Go beachcombing and if it is warm, go for a swim. 
Let them take pictures around town, print out and save for a rainy day activity. 
Visit a farmers market. 
Visit a lighthouse. 
Plan a family cookout and make the menu include something from every color of the rainbow.
Search for free admission to state or national parks. 
Find a waterfall. 

When it rains?? problem!
Make playdough. 
Set up the bathroom like a beach and go "swimming" (suits and all) 
Have a picnic on the living room floor. 
Visit your local library for storytime. 
Go to a Kids Home Depot workshop (Saturday mornings) 
Make homemade popsicles for the next hot day. 
Scrapbook "our town" pictures. 
Have a teddy bear tea party. 
Play hide and seek with an object. 
Mommy & Me Makeovers.
Build a blanket fort. 
Bake cookies and deliver to a nursing home or homeless shelter. 
Volunteer at a animal shelter. 
Let the kids pick and make dinner. 
Make shadow puppets. 
Pajama day, complete with a pillow fight, popcorn and movies. 
Make a time capsule to bury outside on your land. 
Visit a pet store (we call this the free Zoo, lol!) 

These are just a springboard for ideas. You can also write these down on craft sticks and 
create a "What will we do today" jar, color code them (yellow for sunny days, blue for rainy) 
and let the kids grab one in the morning. (this will be my plan this year) 

Most of all, enjoy! The days slip by faster than you think. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Love and Life

Let's face it. Life is tough. You are trying to juggle so many things and sometimes the one person who has been with you thru thick and thin gets the short end of the stick. It may be your spouse or a special someone, but the truth is it is easy to forget to set tasks and responsibilities aside and tend to one that is the most important. Especially while raising a family.

I am so fortunate to have been dating my best friend for almost 27 years. We have been married for almost 20 of those. We have seen so many highs and lows. We both know how important it is to occasionally take some time and focus on us. We used to put it right on the calendar ~ "Date Night" ~we need to do that again. ♥

Dating, no matter where you are in your relationship does not need to break the bank. You could be a fresh in a relationship, a newlywed or been married for years up on years, put your wallet away and listen to your heart. Don't get me wrong, a date night out at a restaurant or a sweet little getaway is wonderful but these things you can do as often as you wish and some are easy to squeeze in right at home after the kids have gone to bed.

"Always strive to give your spouse the very best of yourself; not what's left over after you have given your best to everyone else."

Indoor ideas:
Stroll thru an art museum
Go to an art opening
Search for free community theatre projects
Have a Netflix marathon
Host a board game night with friends
Volunteer in the community together
Go for a scenic drive
Go to the library, look for books or borrow movies
Re-create your first date at home
Cook a meal together
Make ice cream sundaes together
Plan your dream house
Plan your dream vacation, even if it's years away. (it's always fun to share and dream together!)
Play a board game or card game together
Bake cookies together
Put together a play list of your favorite songs and have a dance party, slow or fast
Go thru old photos and movies together
Have a S'mores night
Make a campout in the living room
Watch each others favorite movies back to back
Get on YouTube and find funny videos
Give each other massages
Learn a new hobby, via resources like your local library, YouTube, Pinterest
Go people watching at the mall or an airport
Write down your bucket lists
Play truth or dare
Complete a DIY project together
Write a list of your favorite things about each other
Create your own city tour
Go on a free tour of a factory
Make a fun list of what you would buy if you had a million dollars to spend
Work on a puzzle together
Listen to an audiobook together
Make homemade pizzas together
Go to a Home Depot workshop
Make a meal for someone in need and drop it at their door

Ideas for outdoor fun:
Go to a free outdoor concert
Walk dogs at your local animal shelter
Host a backyard game night (Pinterest has great ideas)
Be a tourist in your own area and visit a landmark you have never been to
Go stargazing
Pack a picnic and find a quiet spot to eat and relax
Volunteer together at an event together
Go on a hike
Ride bikes...pedal or motorcyles
Visit a flea market
Make a movie under the stars with your laptop
Attend a local garden club event and get ideas for your home
Take selfies all over your city and make a collage/photo board
Pack some homemade treats and go watch a sunrise or sunset
Play frisbee in the park
If there is snow, grab a sled and go sledding.
It it is warm weather, pack up your swim suits and go for a swim
Travel the area to local beaches and start a collection of sea glass
Do a scavenger hunt with or without a group of friends
Go Geo-cashing
Make a campsite in your backyard
Go fishing
Go downtown (in a big city) and watch the street performers
Have a water gun fight on a hot day
Go ice skating/rollerblading depending on the weather
Go to a food festival
Pick a spot on a map and take a road trip to a place you have never been
Go for a walk/run together and then go home and make smoothies
Learn to grill/smoke a new recipe together
Work on DIY landscaping projects
Plant a garden
Go for an ATV ride
Go out in the community and do random acts of kindness

These are just a sampling of things you can do that cost very little or no money at all.
If you have a hard time deciding what to do when you have time to spend together you can write down all kinds of ideas on craft sticks and put them in a jar, making a deal that whatever you pull
out that day/night is what you will do.
You can even color code the sticks to allow for choices that align with your budget for that date.
For example:
Red= Free
Blue= Little cost
Green= More expensive

Making time for one another is the most important thing. Now go make memories with the one you love so that when the kids are grown and it's just you two you can say "Remember when?"

Monday, March 6, 2017

2 weeks until SPRING!

Two weeks from today marks the beginning of Spring for 2017! Who is ready for open windows and the smell of a clean home? I know I am. I wanted to do a post to give you an idea of what I do for spring cleaning in my own house. When I take on spring cleaning, it makes me heart sing. Not everyone has that same affection for this task so I hope I can break it down to an easy to love process.

Because I am already working on de-cluttering, I am one step ahead in some areas but if you have not done that yet and prefer to do it as you go then you would de-clutter your space before you deep clean. So that is always step #1!

We have been in our home since Nov 2012. Life has been a whirlwind and we have never really done any sort of redecorating or interior improvements. So you will see that my updates will actually include a little bit of re-purposing and remodeling on a very limited budget.

Gold Wallpaper Free: Gold Sparkle Wallpaper
Let's begin with the detailed cleaning lists for the most common rooms in the home....

Empty the fridge/freezer and clean it thoroughly
Empty cupboards, drawers and shelving areas and wash/dry inside and outside, neatly return items that have been determined necessary and needed
Deep clean oven/stove top & microwave (if you don't do this regularly)
Wash and dry all canisters and knick knacks in your space
Clean fan/vent hood, washing or replacing filters
Clean light fixtures, taking down bowls (glass bulb coverings) and wiping them down
Clean under the sink, pull all items out and discard unwanted items
Deep clean pet food areas
Wash/dust walls, baseboards, trim and ceilings, removing all dust and grime
Clean small appliances, clean out the toaster oven, wash down the mixer, etc. (if you don't do this regularly)
Scrub floors, deep cleaning cabinet kick plates and areas under and behind all of the large appliances that you can
Wash windows and window frames including the interior sills. Dust blinds if applicable. Wash window treatments if applicable
Disinfect dishwasher and all trash cans 
Wash all counters & back splash 

Living Room: 
Wash/dust all walls, baseboards, trim and ceiling
Deep clean carpets and scrub floors
Wash all windows, frames and interior sills. Dust blinds and wash window treatments if applicable
Remove items from end tables, bookcases, polish & clean furniture, de-clutter items...returning only items you find necessary
Clean couch cushions if applicable, vacuum couch
Wash all blankets & throw blankets
Clean out fireplace if applicable 
Wipe down all knick knacks and decor
Dust and wipe down all electronics, organizing wiring and components if needed
Wash down ceiling fans, light fixtures, removing bulb coverings for washing if applicable

Dining Room: 
Wash/dust all walls, baseboards, trim and ceiling
Wash down light fixtures, removing bulb coverings for washing if applicable
Wipe and polish all furniture
Clean and straighten all china and dishes, wipe down inside and outside of cabinets & buffets
Wash all windows, frames and interior sills. Dust blinds and wash window treatments if applicable
Deep clean carpets and scrub floors 

Laundry Room: 
Wash/dust all walls, baseboards, trim and ceiling
Scrub floors
Wash behind your washer and dryer (if possible) 
Wash all windows, frames and interior sills. Dust blind and wash window treatments if applicable
Wipe down exterior of the dryer & scrub lint trap, if you do not do this regularly (you should though, big fire hazard- water should always be able to run freely thru the screen) 
Disinfect interior of the washing machine, wipe down exterior
Remove items from all shelving and cabinets, wipe down and return all necessary items neatly
Wash all light fixtures, removing bulb coverings if applicable
Clean sink and drains if applicable
Disinfect trash can 

Wash/dust all walls, baseboards, trim and ceiling
Clean carpets/Scrub floors 
Wash all windows, frames and interior sills. Dust blinds and wash window treatments if applicable
Wash all light fixtures/ceiling fans, removing bulb coverings if applicable
Dust under and behind all beds, bookcases, furniture
Wash and polish all bedroom furniture, decluttering extra books and misplaced items
Clean out drawers and closets, getting rid of unwanted clothes, shoes, jewelry and storing out of season clothing, returning all necessary clothing and closet items neatly
Wash mattress pads and flip mattress
Swap out winter bedding 
Washing all extra blankets and pillow coverings

Wash/dust all walls. baseboard, trim and ceiling
Scrub floors, wash all mats and throw rugs
Wash all windows, frames and interior sills. Dust blinds and wash window treatments if applicable
Wash all light fixtures, removing bulb coverings & cleaning fan vents and replacing filters if applicable
Wipe down all mirrors, counters
Disinfect trash can
Empty and clean all linen closets, cabinets, shelving. Discard all outdated and unnecessary items. Go thru all products including makeup
Scrub toilets and areas behind, if you don't do that regularly
Deep clean the shower and tracks for doors if applicable
Clean drains if needed 
Replace shower curtain if you have not done it recently
Disinfect bath toys

Entry closets/linen closets:
Empty closet and sort thru all items, donate extra or worn bedding/towels to a local animal shelter 
Donate or sell outgrown or extra coats, shoes and winter items
Wash/dust walls and replace wanted items neatly 

Playroom/Family Room: 
Wash/dust all walls, baseboard, trim and ceiling
Clean carpets and scrub floors
Wash all windows, frames and interior sills. Dust blinds and wash window treatments if applicable
Wash all light fixtures/ceiling fans, removing bulb coverings if applicable
Empty and clean all bookcases, sorting thru toys, games, movies and books. Donate or sell unwanted items and replace kept items neatly 
Sort thru and disinfect toys
Rotate toys and store some for a rainy day
Move furniture and wash/dust behind and underneath

Office Space:
Clean out files in desk. Only keeping current year in the desk/office space. Store all outdated files/papers by year in another space (garage, basement, storage space) 
Organize all papers left by payee, subject, month (whatever works for your brain) 
Wipe down all electronics, using compressed air if you need to 
Clean out all unwanted emails, files on your computer or devices
Perform maintenance and back ups
Organize all printed photos and memory keepers 

Porches and Entry Ways: 
Sweep and dust all areas, free the area of cobwebs 
Clean off porch furniture and wash/wipe cushions and mats/rugs
Wipe off tables, light fixtures, decor
Wash down exterior doors, inside and outside
Scrub grill and check for proper function that seems like a lot. This is not something you tackle in one day. A lot of people do it over the course of one week or several weekends. It all depends on your schedule. Write it in like it is an appointment on your daily or weekly to do list. It gives you a goal and even if you do part of a room each day, you are getting somewhere. I start in one corner of my house and move along as the rooms come, starting with my laundry room and ending in our 3rd bedroom upstairs. 

When I clean I prefer to use certain products....I like Pine Sol and Murphy's Oil Soap for my deep cleaning of walls, floors, fixtures.
I disinfect with Thieves concentrate made into a spray or a tub of water to scrub with. 
I have a homemade glass cleaner that works great. (go back in the blog posts to see that one) and the power of vinegar and baking soda are amazing. 

I like to have a carry all of my cleaning tools and products all together so I can move room to room. You can use a bucket or any storage container you prefer. 

So put on some music, keep yourself hydrated and make that house shine! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Are you in need of a few extra dollars? Do you have big plans for the Spring and Summer, like we do, and need to curb some spending to help with the costs? Or do you just want to simplify and cut back to feel at peace? (Me! Me! Me! raising my hand and jumping up and down)
Join me while I work with a limited budget and freeze all extra spending for the month of March!

During this time I am planning daily de-cluttering projects, no cost fitness goals and at home cooking that you can follow along with. I am going over my calendar today and setting my goals for the month.

Here are my intentions for March:
A date night using a gift certificate we have had for too long. Planning a fun book and soup swap among friends. (follow my facebook posts for more info) Putting in some elbow grease, cleaning out and deep cleaning the house.  Working on updating my decor with what I have on hand and hopefully by the end of the month starting on a spring clean up outside. I want to get on track with my exercise and continue my clean eating. All of these things will be easy to follow along with if you choose to and I hope you find inspiration in the positive quotes and daily posts.

Now let's plan it out....
If you followed along earlier this month, when I did my mini freeze, you saw that I de-cluttered and took inventory of the household cleaners and supplies I had on hand. If you have not done this, that is a good goal. You also want to inventory your cupboards, freezer and fridge. See this post for more information -

Now, take a look at your finances. Make sure you have every bill and financial obligation written down. Do you have gifts to buy this month? Medical appointments you need to pay for? Anything that you know will be an expense for the month needs to be written down and accounted for. Now, what is your typical grocery expense? Choose a reduced budget, I am dropping mine by 30-40%. Now, the goal is to not spend beyond this. No extras for the house, no new clothes, no eating out and no spending beyond your current income and budget.

There are so many great things to work on when you are on a freeze! You won't be out shopping so what better time to evaluate some things.
I am going to spring clean! Here is a basic list of what I will be working on:

                               spring cleaning list:

Use up those cleaning products and if you want some help with natural, low costs products....check my post on making your own:
I scrub with Murphy's oil soap, I LOVE my homemade glass cleaner and I use Thieves cleaner as a disinfectant...ahh, I can smell it already. These ones below are great too! I use the dusting spray with my lemon essential oils.

                                                         . Want to make your own cleaning products out of stuff you already have at home? This list is fabulous and easy to follow! #green #cleaning #recipe #howto #makeit #heandsheeatclean:

Do you need a checklist of things to de-clutter? I never have struggled in this department. It may get away from me but when I do get a chance to tackle it I am pretty ruthless. But this is a handy checklist of areas of the house and the items that can use some attention. This will probably spark other ideas and thoughts of parts of your own house that could use a good cleaning out!

              Nothing is more relaxing that coming home to a calm de-cluttered house. If you are one of the many people who have difficulty deciding whether to throw something out, use this hand de-cluttering list to organize your home. Live your healthy lifestyle with BodyRock:

Last but never least.....your health. Winter is coming to an end. Have you put on a little seasonal weight? Maybe you have not been drinking your water and hydrating your dry, winter skin. Do you need a little boost? I am always happy to share about Juice Plus and Shred10, the health benefits and the wonderful support to your body while you detoxify. I also will be following the charts below and working on strength and toning. I would LOVE a buddy or 10. Summer weather will be here before we know it and I know I want to look and feel my best.
My goal is to get 30 minutes of walking or indoor cycling 6 days a week. That is attainable for me. If you are just starting out shoot for 10 min a day, make it a challenge but don't set yourself up to fail. The weather is unpredictable in March so if you cannot get out for your exercise, do it inside. For the entire winter in 2015 I walked inside, in place as I watched a 30 min show. I jogged or picked up my pace during commercials and I kept a steady, reasonable pace the rest of the time. The strength exercises below are free. Just you and your body weight as resistance. I am by no means a professional and you should always consult your Dr. before trying new things if you are unsure of your body's capabilities. I will be pushing myself to see if I can complete all of the days below.

                  we-challenge-you4.jpg (8141008) I love these. I just got done with the plank challenge

My reward? NEW SNEAKERS in April and I will use my gift certificates I have for a massage, manicure and pedicure. Set a goal and think of a reward. Maybe a new sunshiney outfit or a new hair cut just in time for Spring?

Okay....this is a lot to take in. I will blog each week and update the facebook page a few times a week! I am so excited! Are you ready for a little March Madness? This is my favorite kind! ♥

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Weeding in the winter!

With 3' of snow on the ground I still think about spring cleaning. I am anxiously awaiting those sunny days and open windows. I knew I wanted to de-clutter the house before I started on the deep cleaning and so I am offering up a few tips to simplify and down size while I weed out.
Before I started my recent spending freeze, I worked on the pantry, cupboards, fridge and freezer. I won't repost those pictures but when you go thru those areas you are looking to throw away all expired items, grouping like items together and taking an inventory of what you have on hand.
I then moved on to clothing. In a recent post on the Facebook page you will see the amount of clothes that I was able to purge...and there will be more to come. If you are like most people you have a hard time deciding what should go and what should stay. Here is a great flow chart to help with that. I think in our region we just need to remember that we sometimes can keep things we might not wear next week, but maybe next month as the weather changes so quickly and casual and work clothes don't necessarily get worn every week, but a great guideline non the less.

 I ended up with a VERY full trash bag that went in the trash, a large bag to donate and a few items that I will sell or pass on to friends.
When selling items, I use the Facebook group route and meet up with people here and there. I make sure things are clean and free of most wrinkles. I take a picture in the best light I can find and post the for a reasonable price. I like my items to move, if they don't sell within 3-4 weeks they get donated. After all the whole point of this is to get things OUT of the house and not hanging around.
I did a yard sale last summer and was very successful with getting rid of so many unused household items and outgrown clothes, but time does not allow me to do that often. If you are planning to do this, I suggest you get a few empty totes and as you de-clutter you place items in the totes, grouped by like items. I will post a few tips for yard sales later this Spring.

On the list today was my master bathroom and the 2nd bathroom upstairs. I was so happy to get rid of an ENTIRE trash bag full of unused or expired products. I consolidated cleaning supplies and did a quick clean up too. I organized all of the surplus of soaps, shampoos, beauty products and found a few to donate to a worthy cause. I sorted thru every item and found it's proper place. Again, I like like items together so the top shelf of the closet is all extra products that we use. The middle shelf is all current daily items. Third shelf is bath towels/washcloths. The 4th shelf has a basket of all first aid...and on the floor are the cleaning products for the upstairs in a basket.
In the vanity I sorted all travel items and they are in the cosmetic bags for easy packing. Extra small bags are there for short/overnight trips. I used to subscribe to Ipsy and I collected a lot of small bags over time. They are great for organizing.
I took a cute little divided basket from TJ Maxx and sorted all of my makeup. Eye, lips, face. One small basket for brushes and then a few extra moisturizers and cleaners. I have a small basket on the sink of things I use more often. feels so good!

How many trash bags can you fill? Next on my list is our downstairs closets. Games and outerwear galore. Happy weeding!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The calm...

This morning at my house was calm and quiet. The littlest one helped her Dad work on the tractor and prep for the snowstorm and the oldest traveled home from Southern Maine. With a blizzard on the way I am happily all stocked and set to be safe and warm at home. My heart goes out to all of those who have to go out and work despite the weather.Thank you for all you do!

I worked on my menu for the next 12 days. I decided to get a head start on my little freeze and started yesterday and after looking at my calendar decided to stop mine on the 24th as I forgot we have plans on the 25th. I have every day planned out the best I can. Certainly there may need to be some rearranging and I did not list my veggies as I will buy those fresh to replenish and adapt for me...but I am pleased with the options. I have arranged some batch items to use for busier nights and some rollover recipes to stretch the ingredients.

During these 12 days I will start de-cluttering and gathering items to sell, donate and throw...but that is another post and I am getting ready to make the family breakfast for dinner, a favorite in our house.

Stay safe everyone! Winter in Maine has arrived....all in one week!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Preparing to freeze!

Happy Saturday Morning to you all!
It is a beautiful snowy morning here and before I get the littlest one ready for some Winter Carnival fun, I wanted to show you how I get prepare to freeze...the spending freeze that is.
I like to make lists, always have....I like paper and pen and a cute notebook but if you are techy and prefer to use your device then do that. When life is chaotic (and that is most weeks) I tend to forget what I have on hand. I like to have a list so when I am meal planning I can look back and say, "oh yes, I have this or that"....I don't get too picky on how much of each ingredient I have because I will double check that before I grocery shop. This also allows me to use up what I have when on a freeze.
For instance, I discovered I had some homemade spaghetti sauce in the freezer, I also had ground beef, bread crumbs, eggs and pasta in my stock. Meatballs are just finishing baking. So all I need for dinner tonight is a spaghetti squash for my "pasta"and I will add in peppers and onions for me and my family dinner will be complete. I am doing the Shred right now thru Juice Plus so my options are different but easy to adapt.
Going thru my household inventory (I still need to get the fridge list done, but you get the idea) I could see that we will need trash bags (we have to have those) and we will need some basics, but I can now choose a small budget for a trip to the store for fresh ingredients while using up what we have.
We are fortunate to have a 1/4 of a cow and some pork in our freezer. I will need to purchase a whole chicken and grab some ground turkey that I will stretch because I personally do not eat a lot of red meat.

I will now make some meal plans tonight and do a little grocery shopping on Tuesday while Quinn is at preschool and then we will be ready for 10 days of freezing. I plan to do this 2/15-2/25. I will post my meal plans and grocery list, budget and receipt so you can see how I did.
There will be no eating out. Unless it is all covered under coupons and gift cards. That is toughest on me because I am the one who prepares all meals. But I can do this! You can too. Okay off to bundle up so we don't actually freeze out there today! ♥

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Back in the saddle!

I just logged in here for the first time in a year. WOW. It brought tears to my eyes because I know why I have been absent from blogging. A busy summer in 2015 with racing, toddler growing pains and a father with failing health. 2016 was the toughest of my life with the passing of my father, getting a grip on senior year for my son and terrible threes with my girl.
My brain had too many tabs open. I am. Back in the saddle.

I have been steadily getting life back in order. If you read back through my years of posts you will see many things in common. Organization makes me giddy, living frugally sets my soul at peace and doing all of these things with my family and friends by my side fills my heart. My life has evolved over the years to a more "homesteady" (I make up words. It's my blog) and holistic way of life. I keep steady on that path and learn more and more every day. All of which I am happy to pass on to anyone who has the desire to do the same.

So it's February 2017 now...and in Maine that means...Brrrrr. Well mostly brrrr. Some..."Spring? is that you?" but it is winter and it is a great time to take advantage of a few more days spent inside.
I have decided that because 2016 was a little more reckless, carefree, wasteful (don't get me wrong I understand the whole healing your heart thing but....) than makes me comfortable that I will do a small spending freeze this month and prepare for a month long freeze for March. I am hoping my spending freeze is going to parallel a SPRING THAW!

Who is with me?

So the first step to a freeze is of course my favorite ...organize! You don't have to go overboard, yet. BUT if you want to partake in this months freeze, do yourself a favor and make a couple of lists with what you have on hand in your freezer and pantry, cupboards. You will be making a minimized budget for the grocery store.
Fail to plan and you will plan to fail. So the other thing you need to do is fill in your calendar the best you can for the remainder of the month.

Okay that's your homework....I will be doing the same! I will be moving on to step 2 on Saturday the 11th.
My saddle awaits!