Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fly, Baby, FLY!

Happy Sunday to you all!
So as many of you know our weekends from April thru October are full of travel. Our son races Legend Cars and we spend much of our time on the road and at race tracks around the northeast. When the "off season" arrives I find myself craving organization and order in the house.
This fall has been a little different with the baby girl around, an extra hour here and there is pleasantly spent snuggling and playing.
Back when Wyatt was little I found life to be easier if I broke down my household chores into manageable schedules. I fell in love with Fly Lady. ( It speaks to my obsessive nature. It makes me feel cheery, excited, calm, joyful...okay you get the picture. If you struggle with how to get the whole house clean in a short amount of precious time, check it out.

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