Thursday, November 1, 2012

Here comes the Holiday Season....

Ahhh (insert long sigh of contentment)....November 1st. Here in Maine, the weather is still gray and damp, and relatively warm for the start of what I consider the "Holiday Season"...mostly from the remnants of Hurricane Sandy. I am anxiously awaiting the return of colder weather we had a glimpse of a couple weeks ago, it seems to match up to the hustle and bustle if you are from New England.

Since our racing season has come to an end, I find myself getting organized again. Renewing all of the frugal tips and restoring the balance in the checkbook, haha! I hope to be blogging more and sharing some information on how to save some dimes over the next several weeks.

I love to cook and the many months we spend on the road I miss being in the comfort of my own kitchen with everything I need at my fingertips. Which brings me to "stocking up"....

If you haven't already noticed the stores take this time of year to promote the things that go hand in hand with the Holiday Season....BAKING, COOKING and ENTERTAINING! ♥
Often so do the manufacturers of the products. So, one of the things I recommend is taking the time to do some sale/coupon match ups over the next few weeks. This is a great time to stock up on all of the baking essentials that you need from now thru New Years, but also can carry thru all of the holidays in 2013. Many of these items have a long shelf life.

To help save dimes and time it also helps to plan out your menus for the upcoming entertaining events. Make a list of the items you would like to serve, the number of people attending, what your guests are bringing to the get together. Compile a grocery list from these menus early, that way if there are particular items on sale in the next couple of weeks you can take advantage.

Get planning and stay tuned for more tips on how to save a few dimes....

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