Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spa Day on a dime!

So recently I found myself looking for a little pampering. However, during race season I am quite careful with my budget for those types of things. I found myself browsing Pinterest (a VERY useful frugal tool) and found a pin for a bath recipe that helps detox the body and relax the mind. Well that's all I needed to set forth and find helpful pedicure and manicure tips, facial mask and a homemade body scrub. I will describe my spa set up, just try and stay with me as you picture the peace and solitude....

To begin make sure your bathtub is nice and sparkly clean. I LOVE my cleaning solution of baking soda and a bit of dish detergent and water. Since the only bathroom with a tub in our house is my son's, I did take a 1/2 hour or so and cleaned it up, so that is was extra SPA like! He appreciated this, haha!

Next, make your after pampering area nice and relaxing. I chose my bedroom. I shut my shades, placed a bottle of water next to my bed (hydration is key when detoxing) made my bed with a couple of heavy blankets and sprayed my linens with a nice lavender spray (my favorite is found at Bath and Body Works) ...placed my Whole Living magazine in reach and set out a comfy set of clothes to slip into after my spa appointment down the hall.

One of the tips I found for pedicures was to soak your feet in apple cider vinegar before scrubbing, this helps fight bacteria and leaves them soft as well. So, beside my bed I set out a large bowl and filled it about half full of apple cider vinegar (that my sweet husband was kind enough to run and get for me, he is a fan of me being relaxed! haha) and set out a clean hand towel beside it to allow me to dry off before heading down to the tub.

I mixed up my homemade face mask:
2 Tbsp Honey
2 tsp nutmeg and cinnamon

This smelled heavenly, and the instructions were to leave this on for 30 minutes, I however tend to have sensitive skin and found I could only leave this on about 5 minutes. It started to burn. I do think it did wonders while it was on though and the spices were great at exfoliating as I rinsed it off with a washcloth. So don't hesitate to try it, but maybe start out with just a few minutes.

The body scrub on the other hand I LOVED!
1/2 C dark brown sugar (although any would do)
1 Tbsp honey
splash of olive oil
1/4 Tbsp of lemon juice

I doubled this so that I could be sure to have enough for my feet and hands.
THIS was amazing. I highly recommend doing this a couple of times a week. My skin still feels great a couple of days later.

Once you have these two things made, find a candle and deliver them all to the Spa....
Fill yourself a nice hot bath and throw in the following:
Handful of Epsom Salts (which my husband also had to get)
1/2 C of Baking Soda
and about 10 drops of lavender essential oil

Once you have the bath filled light the candle and shut off the lights, shut the door and let the room get warm, moist and spa like while you soak your feet in the pre-treatment/recovery room (see you just have to pretend). I soaked my feet for about 15 minutes while browsing my magazine.

Then head to the tub, sit, soak and relax. Candle light, relaxing spa music (courtesy of Pandora) and the calming scents will really take you away, I promise. I applied the face mask first and after letting that sit as long as I could I rinsed that off and then started exfoliating with the body scrub. After about a 30 minute soak...dry off and head to your recovery room. I turned on my fan and promptly fell asleep for over an hour. THAT is how relaxed I was. If you feel like you can't nap then pick up your favorite magazine and just enjoy the peace and quiet and sip your water.

When I awoke, I drank my water, took a shower and gave myself a manicure and pedicure.
I would say the whole spa treatment cost less than $5.00 and the fact that I had happened to have the afternoon to myself was priceless.

I think days like these are so important to whole health and I plan to take advantage more often. Now if I had just had a massage in there before I fell asleep that would have been heaven.....hmmm...I'll have to figure out a frugal option for that too.
I hope you take the time for yourself, to rejuvenate and replenish your soul...on a dime!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Balance...the ups and the downs!

Good Evening Readers,
This post is both an apology and self taught pep talk.
I apologize for the lack of posts these days. I started out thinking I would share tip after tip on at least a weekly basis. OH MY!  I sometimes bite off more than I can chew. So hear comes the pep talk...

Balance. Do you have it? Do you know what it is? If you are like me you HAVE felt it before in your life. When things are in check. You feel "together"....and then there is chaos, "balance's" evil sibling.

In my life I prefer balance and recently I went way off course. One thing was different this time though...I just went with it. (well in my organized, type A way) Simply because, even though I didn't feel like myself, life had to roll on. I had a son finishing up a busy 7th grade academic/athletic year, whom we were also on the road with every weekend racing. With a multitude of other responsibilities it was inevitable I was going to feel run down. I typically fight it. I over do. Well this time I threw up the white flag and rested until I felt like I could tackle my world again. I was so excited when I woke up a few mornings ago and I had "IT"!!  My energy, my focus, my desire for balance. Unless you have had these ups and downs you probably will not understand and it is likely you will not understand if your normal way of life is out of balance to begin with. It is my comfort to know I share this same philosophy with so many great friends. Some who are struggling with this right along with me.

My balance is: meal plans, budgets, finances in order, a properly completed calendar, reminders set, a clean home, laundry caught up, a happy & healthy family and environment. I had none of that for a few weeks. I forgot important meetings, appointments, ate out due to complete disorganization.
I guess my point is....In so many things in life there are times when you need to fight and then there are times when you need to step back and realize everything has a way of working itself out. I am not 100% back in check but I am left feeling more like someone of my equal weight is on the teeter-totter with me.

As always it is great to have a support system who can see when you are off track and can gently guide you home. My hope is that anyone who reads this and is feeling the same way.....take the time to rest and clear your mind. It will all be there waiting for a refreshed and balanced YOU!