Monday, April 23, 2012

Smart Choices!

Hope this new post finds everyone feeling well! April showers have hit our area and I am anxiously waiting for the beautiful green grass and flowers that follow.

In the past couple of weeks I have been reading and watching many documentaries on fresh food, organic meats, local options and ways to make wonderful meals for my family on a budget. Food is most nutritious in its whole form, fresh is best.
We have changed our lifestyle greatly over the last few years and I am committed to continue tweaking it to ensure I am doing the best I can to provide a whole food menu. As the warm weather begins I am hoping to start a small garden. We lead a busy life in the warmer months and I hope to be able to manage a small crop to help create meals. If you are unable to have a garden yourself I highly encourage you to visit your local farmers markets and support your area farms.
I wanted to share some of the documentaries I have watched with you so that you can determine your own thoughts on the foods you choose to feed your families.

All of these I found on Netflix:

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
Forks over Knives
Food Inc. (Not for the faint of heart!)

I hope to blog about the cost of the garden and the cost of fresh items that I find at Farmers Markets over the Spring and Summer months and how I use the items to make meals for my friends and family!

Keep Fresh.....and save dimes!


  1. I have watched fat, sick and nearly dead....after, I ran out and bought a juicer! Lol! I love it! My kids enjoy it....especially the apples.... I find that in order for them to drink I wide variety of fruits and veggies, we freeze them in small Dixie cups and have juice pops! They love it! In fact that's what they eat for breakfasts , as we head out the door!

  2. I love it! Although I have not "juiced" per say, I do take something from EVERY bit I have watched and will continue to incoporate all of it into a healthier lifestyle. :D