Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In the know...

Good Morning Savers!
Did you know that stores sometimes have their own coupons as well? Did you know that most stores allow you to stack their store coupon with a man. coupon for even more savings?
Well this was something I had heard about and will honestly say have only tried at Target but it did work!
Many stores, including Target and Walgreens have their own coupons. Target's coupons can be found on line at Target.com and are printable. Walgreen's typically puts out a coupon book, available in store.
Both of these stores near my home allow stacking. The other thing I have noticed is much of the time when Target posts a coupon, they have the item on sale that week too. Pair that with a man. coupon and save big!

Another great savings is register rewards. You will have to look into how stores in your area work, but here at home I shop at Walgreens and if you note in their flyer that a particular item is on sale and there are register rewards available, this means that when you check out you will receive a slip of paper much like a coupon that can be used for your next purchase. It's almost a "thank you" for buying particular products. You can use those rewards on any items the next time you make a purchase. Many stores do have a limit though, saying you can use 3 register rewards if you are purchasing 3 items. etc.

This leads me to store policies. Many stores have their own coupon policies, so I highly recommend asking for a copy at the Customer Service desk. If you plan to do some extreme couponing it is wise to carry that with you on your shopping trip. Unfortunately not all employees are aware of the policies and may try to deter you from using coupons or stacking them, and it can be embarrassing to have to call over a manager and hold up the line.

Okay, so you know where to find them....what to do with them....how to handle them....are you using them? I am guilty, I recently went shopping and forgot my coupons and instead of turning back I just went ahead and bought the items. While saving is a full time job, no one is perfect. I am however working on using cash and budgeting as we start a very busy season in our lives and that is helping too.

My tips may be less frequent as we enter the racing season, but I am here anytime you have a question. Keep saving those dimes!! 

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