Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From Scratch!

So it is my hope that while inspiring others I will keep myself on track. In life these days it's easy to get derailed. I am guilty of the weeks of convenience vs. time and preparation. Who isn't? I must admit though, they are the weeks when I feel my lowest. I am most happy when I am organized, the house is clean and I am able to take the time and enjoy the little things with my family.

So one of the first things I want to share is the simplicity of  "From Scratch" ....
I started a short time ago looking at all of the things I can make from scratch. Not only to save a dime, but to feel down home, to feel primitive and pioneer like. I am going to begin this section with SPRING CLEANING! So many times we choose expensive products with harsh chemicals because we are in a rush. I am compiling a list of homemade cleaning solutions to share with all of you, items you have right in your homes that will make your home *SPARKLE* and that you can feel good about! Thank you for stopping by....stay tuned!!